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  /  Memorial plaque of The first fallen russian soldier

Memorial plaque of The first fallen russian soldier

The memorial plaque was placed in honor of the first Russian soldier who died in Haskovo during the Russian-Turkish War of Liberation. It was made of marble, applied on a rectangular truncated pyramid of concrete, inscribed: Here on January 19, 1878, one of the first Russian soldiers, who had entered Haskovo, was killed by the bashi-bazouk.
The plaque was placed, and officially inaugurated, on January 18, 1978, in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Liberation of Bulgaria and Haskovo. On the eve of January 19, 1978, several memorial signs of the gratitude of Haskovo’s citizens were placed – Teofana Stoilova Memorial Plaque – on the fence of the House for Children and Adolescents Asen Zlatarov and the Moraine, dedicated to the citizens of Haskovo who died in the days of the Liberation.

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