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  /  Bas – relief of Tsar Ivan Asen II

Bas - relief of Tsar Ivan Asen II

The battle of the village of Klokotnitsa took place on March 9, 1230, not far from the river Klokotnitsa and the village of the same name, between the Bulgarian army led by Tsar Ivan Asen II and the army of the Epirus ruler Theodore Komnin. The Bulgarians completely defeated the Epirus empire by capturing the Epirus basileus with his entire family, and liberating his troops.

Even today, travelers on the E-80 road, passing by the village of Klokotnitsa, can see the bas-relief of Ivan Asen II, erected near the historical place, to remind us of his great victory near Haskovo.

The bas-relief of Tsar Ivan Asen II was discovered in 1930 during a solemn ceremony on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of the battle.

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Klokotnitsa village, Haskovo district