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Monument of Captain Petko Voyvoda

Petko Kiryakov Kaloyanov is one of the brightest figures in the history of the national liberation movement in Thrace, the main Thracian rebel, revolutionary and voivode, for whom the people have preserved unforgettable memories and he has been chanted in songs and legends. A peak on the island of Livingston, Antarctica has been named after the distinguished Bulgarian – Petko Voyvoda. Many Bulgarian cities and villages have streets named after the hero. Appreciating his merits and contribution to the National Liberation Movement in Edirne Thrace, the thankful Thracians with the active donation of thousands of Bulgarian patriots have built countless memorial sites for Captain Petko Voyvoda – monuments in full height, bust-monuments, bas-reliefs, memorial signs. Among the most magnificent is the monument in the city of Haskovo, where Captain Petko Voyvoda arrived in March 1879 to prepare the population for the expected attack of Kardzhali population. When he dismissed his squad, the hero was sent with enthusiasm and gratitude by the population of Haskovo.
A curious fact: The monument of Captain Petko Voyvoda in Haskovo is the largest sculpture of the Voivode in the world. “But why in the world?” – you will ask, and we will answer: “Because his monuments are not only everywhere in today’s Bulgaria, but also in Esimi (Greece), Kiev (Ukraine), Chicago (USA) and Rome (Italy)”.

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6 300 Haskovo, 32 Saedinenie Blvd.