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Monument of envy

The first and only Monument of Envy in the world – of the Bulgarian Icarus – was inaugurated on 8 September 2014 in the town of Haskovo. The sculpture represents a man spreading out his arms, with feather wings, determined to fly… But two skeletal hands grab his wings, pulling them down, trying to break them…
The idea about this monument evolved into sculpture by the hands of Gospodin Tenev – Guspata, creator of many other art installations in Haskovo: the Owl in front of the Municipal Office, the sculptures on the Orange Bridge, the Painter Litso monument…
This unique art creation is bronze-cast, its height is 3 meters, and its weight is 1 ton. It is positioned in the downtown of Haskovo on a massive granite pedestal.
Monument of Envy – Bulgarian Icarus was entirely built by donations.

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"Obshtinski" 1, 6300 Haskovo Center