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Monument The river

The Sculpture the River was made in 1972. Professor Velichko Minekov is the designer. It is made of granite. Minekov loved to recreate natural occurrences – his gold-streaming Maritsa, the marble Cloud and the bronze Sun are just some of his works.
The Sculptor, born in the village Malo Konare, Pazardzhik municipality, has been
awarded the highest Bulgarian distinction in the field of culture – Golden Age necklace. Prof. Minekov is a graduate of the National Art Academy in the class of the sculptor Lyubomir Dalchev. In 1964 he became an associate professor and teacher of sculpture at the academy, and in the following year he was elected as its rector. Among his famous works and sculptural ensembles are the figure Sofia, the Rotunda in front of the Central Station in Sofia, the monument of the Union in Plovdiv; the figure of Vladimir Dimitrov-Maistora in front of Shipka 6 in Sofia, the sculptures in the square in front of the theater in Pazardzhik, among which such as Thirst and Nestinarka, the Khan Asparuh Memorial in Dobrich and many others.
Velichko Minekov is among the most famous Bulgarian sculptors from the 60’s and 70’s of last century. He has been creating strong women bodies – round, massive, with simple forms and a clear sense of volume. He is popular mainly with monumental and monumental-decorative works.

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