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  /  Moraine – dedicated to the citizens of Haskovo fallen during The days of Liberation

Moraine – dedicated to the citizens of Haskovo fallen during The days of Liberation

The idea of ​​a commemorative plaque dedicated to the citizens of Haskovo, fallen in the days of the Liberation arose at the Civic Club of Haskovo in the late 1930’s. It was realized four decades later on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Bulgarian Liberation from the Ottoman political domination. Several memorial marks were placed then. Particularly important is the memorial plaque dedicated to the 70 hanged Bulgarians from Haskovo in 1877. The memorial reads: In 1877, 70 Bulgarians were hanged in this region, cherished sacrifices for the liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman yoke. The names remain unrecorded, but the memory of the Haskovo’s citizens, who have died in the summer of 1877, in the tragic days of Suleiman Pasha’s attack on Stara Zagora is kept.
Seven gallows were erected in this place and many citizens of Haskovo were hung on them. Bloodsheds and injuries continued until the beginning of 1878, when on January 7/19 at noon, the intelligence unit under the command of Staff Captain Vilamov entered Haskovo.
The memorial plaque / Moraine / has become, over the years, a place of tribute to the dead and the Liberation of Haskovo.
Author: Dr. Violeta Kostova

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