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  /  The flaming heart of Danko (vitrage)

The flaming heart of Danko (vitrage)

My task, set in the assignment, was to preserve the current plastic expression of the idea for The Flaming Heart of Danko. With the radical change in the purpose and status of the monument, certain additions were made to the graphic solution in the design. Those are the Christian symbols that were added to the composition, which enrich, complement and contribute to the synthesis:
• Insertion of the Heart-Raising Hands in the Orthodox Cross, which is inscribed in a halo, a symbol of divinity
 • Insertion of three, one into another, hearts, a symbol of the trinity of God and the divine love.
• Light emanating from a single conceptual, composite and color center.
The technical implementation was realized by Tiffany stained glass technique. I used structural, stained in its mass art glass.
Author: Miho Mihov

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Haskovo city, рark Yamacha