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  /  The monument of Dimitar Ivanov – Litso

The monument of Dimitar Ivanov - Litso

Dimitar Ivanov – Litso (1888-1953) is a bright representative of the post-liberation generation of artists and intellectuals, who have given a strong impetus to our national culture. Litso was the first Haskovo’s artist after the Liberation, born, lived and worked entirely in his hometown. The critics discovered a creator with great talent and inspiration in his watercolor landscapes, made in the extremely difficult a la prima technique.

During the First World War, Litso was mobilized as a military artist. It was on the front where he reached his creative maturity. There he created pieces such as Babuna Mountain, Pletvara, Pelister Girl … He did not have the opportunity to receive academic education, so he perfected himself, and achieved enormous results in his works. Dimitar Ivanov is an artist with whom every city would be proud. This is reflected by the 22 exhibitions, arranged by the author in different cities, which reveal the richness of the soul, the great talent and the aesthetic feel of the artist. In 2008, on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the birth of Dimitar Ivanov – Litso, in the center of Haskovo was inaugurated a monument, integrated in urban environment, of natural size and overall appearance. The statue is located in front of the artist’s house.

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6300 Haskovo, Otets Paisiy str.