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  /  The sculpture Haskovo’s kaun (melon)

The sculpture Haskovo's kaun (melon)

Very few people know that in 1999 Yanko Mitev released the first edition of the newspaper Haskovo’s Kauna that is when the idea for Kauna sculpture came up.  The idea was spontaneous – I was impressed and decided to make a small plastic on the topic. The creation was accepted with admiration by the few Haskovo’s kauns and was proposed for annual award of the “Ucademy Kauna”. Since then it has been awarded to very famous persons in Bulgaria.
The sculpture has three parts:
1. Kauna (from Turkish – melon) has become byname for the citizen of Haskovo.
2. Barrel – wooden container from folk intended for the fermentation of fruit. Man is born naked and barefoot, knowing nothing, and leaving this world without learning everything. In the years of his life, he learns, understands and wises. The barrel symbolizes this ripening or fermentation.
3. Male figure with large head, small limbs and a smile from ear to ear. Dressed in a traditional costume, with a cap and a flower. Depicted as it pop-ups from the thorn-down kaun(melon), placed  in the barrel, and a symbolic representation of the typical citizen of Haskovo – always smiling, cheerful, welcoming, ready for business meetings, business partnerships, parties and chatting, welcoming all his fellow citizens and guests of the city.
This sculpture is a dedication to the prevailing Haskovo spirit, a sense of humor and self-irony. To all the cheerful, elderly, sober and unsober connoisseurs of caricature and spectacle. To locals, guests and everyone else. When they die, the sculpture can be called a monument.
There is no political or ideological idea in the sculpture. Anybody that wants to be Haskovo’s kauna – could be, anybody who does not want to be – could remain a plain melon.
From the author
The sculpture was made of brass. It’s design is similar to the award “Haskovo’s Kaun” (there are slight discrepancies).
Period for implementation: 2 months
Dimensions: 190 х 215 х 90 cm.
Weight: 180 kg.
Designers: Gospodin Tenev-Guspata and Group

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sq. "Atlanticheski" , Haskovo