The chapel St. Petka of Bulgaria (also know Saint Paraskeva of the Balkans) is located at the south of the Park at Mekodonski neighborhood, east of Dnebar street in Haskovo.
Standing at the highest point of the steep terrain along the axis of the main pedestrian walkway of the park, the Chapel, with its round shape and high domed cover, fits naturally and is the main focus in the perception of space. The bell tower south of the chapel supports this accent.
The main entrance and altar apse are orientated west-east according to the canons of the Orthodox Church. The main entrance is decorated by an archway. There is another entrance to the north of the main walkway in the park.
The chapel St. Petka is a domed one-dimensional rotunda with an area of 57 m2. The diameter of the main dome is 8.64 m. It is intersected by a ring with upper side lights. Above the ring is a small dome that reaches a height of 9.00 m, on which is placed an orthodox cross with height of 2.50 m.
The high, illuminated archway and round shape give the interior space, and together with the carved iconostasis and the paintings create a sense of the spirit’s vastness.
Designer: arch. Nina Tancheva
tel.: +359 (0) 38 662046


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11, Dnepar Str.

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 phone:: +359 38 662046

Opening hours of the temple:

April – September

08:00 – 12:00am

October – March

08:00 – 11:00am