Professor Nedyalka Simeonova was born in Haskovo on 02.12.1901. She grew up in a family of musicians. Getting the first violin lessons from his father. In childhood, at the age of seven, she performs Shunman’s “Dream” and draws the attention of those present and professionals in the field. She was only eleven years old and she performed concerts across Bulgaria. In 1913, she made a great concert tour in the US, where she achieved an unprecedented success and after returning from the United States she studied with Professor G. Haaveman at the Dresden Academy of Music. From 1921 to 1923, he was again in the United States, where he studied with Leopold Auer – the most important pedagogue at that time. The gratitude to the world-famous violinist Prof. Nedyalka Simeonova, the Haskovo community expresses through the established in 1972 traditional musical days – festivals and creative meetings of young violinists, held annually.