The church of St. Charalambos was erected in 1922 and was consecrated in 1926 under the initiative of the Financial Minister at that time – Petar Yanev (1886-1925): “…he grew up in Bolyarovo, in obscurity and hard labor, modest, ambitious, extremely clever and erudite, Minister of Justice in the second and Minister of Finance in the third independent agricultural office. His love to his native lands leaves forever his name on the design and construction of the Orthodox temple St. Charalambos. Eternal gratitude and deep bow …  (from the inscription on memorial plaque at the entrance of the church)
Saint Charalambos the Hieromarty was a Bishop of Magnesia (present-day Greece), a bold preacher of faith. He was brought before the court and was vainly persuaded to bow to the idols. His punishment was torture – his body was scraped with iron hooks. His wounds healed miraculously.  Many pagans, watching his fait’s toughness and his miraculous healing, believed and were sentenced to death. During the time of the Roman Emperor Lucius Septimius Severus (146-211), at the age of 113, Saint Charalambos was sentenced to a slaughter. He died before the sword touched him…
The Bulgarian Orthodox Church honors Saint Charalambos on February 10th. According to the tradition, the saint-healer protects us from all illnesses. It is also a Feast for the beekeepers and people give away honey cakes for health.


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Haskovo, dist. Boliarovo


dist. Boliarovo