The Exemplary Community Center Zarya-1858 in Haskovo was the first Community Center in Southern Bulgaria and the fourth one in Bulgaria; it was established in the distant 1858 – just two years after the establishment of the community centers in Svishtvo, Lom and Shumen. Established under conditions of slavery, it became a center of education and culture for the people, as well as a center of the national liberation and revolutionary struggles in Haskovo. Its early history was an unceasing struggle with ignorance and darkness, a struggle against Greekish schemes and the Ottoman tyranny.
The Exemplary Community Center Zarya-1858 in Haskovo was a product of the Revival spirit, embraced by the Bulgarian population in the city and the district. It was the result of the deep socio-economic changes in the Bulgarian society in the 19th century.
Nowadays the Exemplary Community Center Zarya- 1858 in Haskovo continues to have a large range of activity – here are some of it:
– one of the most active libraries in Bulgaria, with more than 118,000 volumes of books;
– language school;
– music school;
– School of Fine Arts;
– computer school;
– a representative choir Rodna pesen;
– Sports Dance Club Haskovo;
– Club for old City Songs and Hits “Ari
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