Shatura was founded in 1423 year, but receive status of city in 1936. The town is an administrative center of Shaturski region, which s located in southeastern part of Moscow region on area of 270,000 acres. The population of Shaturski region is 71 000 and 33 000 of them are living in Shatura town.

Shaturski region is incredibly rich in water and forest resources. Here are  located the largest natural waterreservoirs of Moscow region – Svjatoe lake, Dubovoe lake, Beloe lake, and Chernoe-Bordukovskoe lake.

The manufacture is leading industry in development of the city and the region, in which  more than 60 companies take places in the fields of energy, woodworking, furniture manufacture, production of laser equipment and more.

Agriculture is well developed. Various crops are grown here – cereals, potatoes, fruit.

Two research institutes, in the fields of laser and Information Technologies and thermodynamics and power stations, are located in Shaturski region.

The Twinning Agreement between Haskovo and Shatura was signed on 27.05.2008.