A skate park, unique for entire Bulgaria was inaugurated in 2008 at Kenana Urban Forest Park, Haskovo.The extreme sports facility is spread over 1 decare area and has three concrete and three removable ramps. The site is very modern and equipped with modern facilities, which can be used for any other extreme sports like cycling, roller skating and more. The purpose of the skate park is to entertain and to allow competitors to train.
Haskovo municipality has invested in the Project 300,000 BGN. The site complies with the requirements of the World Skateboard Federation.
The first skateboard was made in the 1930’s in USA and was a surfboard attached to 4 wheels. From 1930 to 1960, it was forbidden to ride a skateboard because its parts were poorly secured. In 1960, it once again became a hit among the young people and its mass production began.


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park Kenana